Ligation kit

EnzyTag has commercialized the peptiligase technology as an easy-to-use ligation kit. The kit will allow you to use our peptiligase technology at your facility, and thereby give you the freedom to choose the optimal ligation site(s) for your project as a result of the broad substrate specificity of the enzyme. Typical ligation reactions are done at room temperature in an aqueous buffered solution (pH 8.3) and are completed in 1 hour.

The kit provides 100 µg of Omniligase-1, a peptiligase variant that was designed for as broad specificity as possible, and 5 mg of standard ester and standard amine as a positive control for the ligation reactions. The kit will typically allow multiple small scale test ligations (100 µL) or ligations up to 5 mL at standard ligation conditions

Price standard kit

100 µg of omniligase (powder)
5 mg standard ester (Ac-DFSKL-Ocam-L) (powder)
5 mg standard amine (ALKKF)(powder)

€850 excl. VAT, excl. shipping costs (Estimates: €100 in EU, €200 to US)
Please contact us if larger quantities are desired.

Standard ligation conditions

200 mM Tricine/Phosphate buffer, pH 8.3
1 mg/ml TCEP
3 mM amine
2 mM ester
0.02 mg/ml Omniligase-1

As an additional service, EnzyTag will provide recommendations on the selection of the optimal ligation site for your project if the sequence of the peptide/protein can be shared (free of charge). If you do not want to share your sequence, a sheet will be provided which amino-acids are favoured in the ester and amine fragment for optimal ligations.

Since the peptiligase technology is patented,  a material transfer agreement (MTA) is required.  The MTA form will be sent via an email when you filled in the request form.


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EnzyTag is open to further discussions on technology licensing for commercial purposes.