Discover the history of EnzyTag


The history behind EnzyTag

EnzyTag was founded in December 2018 as a spin-out of EnzyPep. EnzyTag is a private investment and venture capital-backed company located in Geleen, in the south of The Netherlands adjacent to the Chemelot campus.

EnzyTag has a fully exclusive, world-wide, perpetual license to EnzyPep’s proprietary peptiligase technology for developing manufacturing processes for peptide-based new chemical entities (NCEs) and (bio)conjugates. The technology provides traceless and completely stereo- and regioselective ligation of peptides to other peptides, peptide-linked payloads and proteins.

Characteristics of peptiligase technology

  • Traceless
  • Aqueous conditions at near neutral pH

  • Regio- and stereoselective
  • No side reactions & Improved purity

  • Reduced synthesis lead time

  • Efficient scaling to commercial scale
  • Reduced synthesis lead time

  • Lower COGS and higher volumetric productivity

Please feel free to contact us

EnzyTag is open to further discussions on technology licensing for commercial purposes.

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