Why EnzyTag

We want to be a leading partner in introducing green chemistry principles in peptide production. We want to open-up efficient synthetic routes towards complex peptide-based therapeutics.

Both goals can be reached using the peptiligase enzyme technology platform. Be part of a multidisciplinary and focused team, that is working at the interface of peptide chemistry, chemical biology and immunology.

EnzyTag is always interested in getting in touch with talented, versatile, creative biotech professionals seeking a meaningful opportunity. Please forward you CV and motivation letter to lvandenbos@enzytag.com.

EnzyTag is has always several internship positions for talented and passionate BSc’s / MSc’s. Please click here for more information. Please forward you CV and motivation letter to abaierl@enzytag.com.

Please feel free to contact us

EnzyTag is open to further discussions on technology licensing for commercial purposes.